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Changes in Coral Reef Conservation Program Staff

Jamie Monty, Manager, Coral Reef Conservation Program

Cody Bliss
Cody Bliss

As I’m sure many of you have heard, we’ve had some changes to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) staff recently.

First, Christopher Boykin, our long-time Awareness and Appreciation Coordinator, recently left the agency and took the position of Executive Director of the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. I am pleased to announce that Ana Zangroniz has joined our team as the new Awareness and Appreciation Coordinator. Ana comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Photography and a Master’s in Marine Affairs. She has worked at Biscayne National Park as an Interpretive Park Ranger and helped facilitate their most recent set of General Management Plan public meetings. She has held an environmental policy internship, has a wide variety of teaching experience, is an avid diver, and started her career as a photographer for a New York newspaper. As Christopher before her, Ana will be taking on Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative (SEFCRI) website updates, Public Service Announcements, outreach events, teacher trainings, and rotating coral resource trunk projects, as well as serving as the FDEP CRCP communications lead.

Second, Ben Wahle, our Our Florida Reefs (OFR) Assistant, has moved on, coincidentally, to the home of my undergraduate alma mater, Salisbury, Maryland (Go Seagulls!). Starting January 5th, Cody Bliss will join FDEP CRCP as the new OFR Assistant. Cody comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Biology and Coastal Zone Management. He worked for Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center as the Coral Nursery Initiative Outreach Coordinator, and AmeriCorps, and has much teaching, education and outreach, and event/meeting planning experience. Like Ben, Cody will be helping with all aspects of the SEFCRI Our Florida Reefs community planning process, including taking minutes at the OFR Community Working Group meetings. He’ll quickly become a master Tetris® packer – fitting all of the OFR meeting materials plus 3 staff members in one car, and will keep up to date.

Although we will miss Christopher and Ben, I’m excited about the skills and experiences that Ana and Cody bring to the table, and I know they are looking forward to working with you all. Please join me in congratulating Christopher and Ben on their new positions, and in welcoming Ana and Cody to the SEFCRI family!


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