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Report observations of coral bleaching and disease!
Call the SEAFAN hotline at 866-770-SEFL (7335) or fill out the online report form by clicking on the button below.

BleachWatch is an early warning network for coral bleaching and disease in southeast Florida. It helps detect, monitor, and improve scientific understanding of coral bleaching and disease events by:

  • Tracking weather conditions and sea surface temperatures for conditions favorable for coral bleaching.
  • Collecting field observations on the condition of reefs from trained observers.
  • Summarizing data and producing reports on the current conditions in the region.

Get Involved!

Recreational, commercial, and scientific divers are encouraged to become part of the BleachWatch Observer Network by participating in a training session:

  • A 1.5-hour classroom session includes an introduction to SEAFAN; a short lesson on coral biology, bleaching and disease; a description of the BleachWatch Early Warning Program and an overview of how to properly assess coral condition, record observations, and submit reports.
  • In-water trainings take divers in the field to practice identifying healthy, bleached, and diseased coral, as well as recording observations underwater and filling out BleachWatch reports.
  • All participants will be provided with a BleachWatch Kit, which includes a program overview, coral bleaching fact sheet, data sheets and instructions, dive whistle, and coral ID and bleaching example cards to use as a reference below and above the water.

Interested in becoming part of the SEAFAN BleachWatch Observer Network?
Contact Taylor Tucker at [email protected] about participating in a classroom or in-water training session.

For more information on how the BleachWatch program works and the biology of coral bleaching, please visit the BleachWatch page.

Click here to see an interactive map of all BleachWatch reports since 2020.