Coral Reef Locator Map App

Help protect Florida’s Coral Reef against direct injuries from vessel grounding and anchoring on coral reefs by using free public mooring buoys, anchoring in sand or live boating. 

Use the map to view your vessel’s live position and find a safe spot to anchor or use a free public mooring buoy.

Download the free mobile app “ArcGIS Field Maps” to view our map of Florida’s Coral Reef.

Mooring Buoys

Nearly 300 mooring buoys are in the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative region, with even more in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park. These buoys provide a safe and convenient way to secure your boat when enjoying the reef – they are often located right next to popular dive sites! To learn more about how to use them and where to find them, visit the links below:

Other South Florida Mooring Buoy Maps: