photo: Miami-Dade County

Volunteer Speakers Bureau

The Volunteer Speakers Bureau (VSB)  is composed of SEFCRI team members who can connect with groups in the community to share their expertise via presentations and discussions. 


Presentations focus on the following topics, among others:

  • Introduction to Florida’s Coral Reef: All about our corals’ biology, ecology, value, and the threats the face – and how you can help protect them.
  • Coral Disease Response: The latest threat to our reefs, and the incredible work being done to respond to it.
  • Rivers to Reefs: How water quality and pollution on land impact coral reefs, and the tools we have to manage those impacts.
  • Coral Restoration: Growing and planting new generations of resilient corals.

Our SEFCRI team members have unique areas of expertise; talks can also focus on specific questions a group may have, and the presenter’s own research and experience.

If you’d like to engage a member of the VSB, please complete this form.